Selling Your Franklin TN HomeThe internet has changed the way people do business and real estate is no exception. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 92% of buyers begin their home search on the internet. Today's tech savvy buyers aren't driving through neighborhoods looking for "FOR SALE" signs and "OPEN HOUSE" events, they are searching from the comfort of their homes; using laptop computers, tablets and smart phones.

Print media doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to selling your Franklin TN home. If you want to reach the largest number of buyers, then your home needs to be marketed online. Using an agent who uses print media or open houses as their primary marketing tool, is like hiring an accountant who calculates your income taxes manually.

The agents at Franklin Homes Realty LLC are internet marketing experts. They know how to get your home sold quickly and for more money because they know how to reach today's home buyers. Our marketing, advertising and web presence get homes sold. 

We spend countless hours learning the ways to better market Franklin TN real estate. You will find this website ranks in the top search engines. Right up there with many of the national real estate sites. While at the same time, providing buyers with the much needed local information they need when making an informed home purchase. Through constant integration of social media, we have been able to expand our reach to a national and international level.

Maximum online exposure is what we do better than any other agents in Franklin. There is a growing demand for information. More and more, buyers and sellers are turning to the internet to learn about the home buying process. You won't find another site that provides more in-depth local information than Franklin Homes Realty LLC. You will find everything from market reports to buying tips and selling tips here. Throw in the many articles we write about our local area, it's clear to see we are providing information that no other agents are doing. 


Selling Your Franklin TN HomeWas your home recently listed with a Franklin TN brokerage and it didn't sell? If so, then you've come to the right place. There are several reasons why homes don't sell. In some cases, it may be related to price. However, we find the most common reason homes don't sell is because listing agents haven't properly marketed your home.

Every home is different and every marketing plan should be customized to that home. Many agents snap a few photos with their smart phone and put a "FOR SALE" sign in the yard. If it were that easy to sell houses, you could probably do a better job yourself.

Franklin Homes Realty LLC excels in seller representation. Our strength lies in our ability to enter a home, assess its strengths (and weaknesses) and then devise a successful marketing plan to get it sold.

If your house was listed previously, then we'll analyze your previous marketing to determine the reason it didn't sell. We'll specifically address ways to market your home to get the largest number of buyers through. We'll walk your home with you and discuss ways you can improve its appearance by making staging recommendations so your home looks its absolute best for photographs and showings. Then, we'll have professional photographs taken to improve your online visibility and create a single-property website to highlight all the photos of your home.


Selling Your Franklin TN HomeSelling your Franklin TN home for top dollar requires more than just uploading pretty pictures to the internet. It requires skills that many agents don't possess. Each home has something special or unique. An experienced listing agent will hone in on those unique features and show why your home is better than your competition's home.

One doesn't need a real estate license to discover obvious features such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, custom cabinetry and stainless steel appliances; only experienced agents can identify those "not so obvious features" that make your Franklin home more attractive to buyers. That comes from years of working with buyers and learning the things they desire in homes. Then taking that information and translating it into a marketing format that attracts those buyers. That is the real advantage of internet marketing; creating marketing copy that attracts a specific buyer. That's not easily accomplished with any other medium.

Focusing on these unique features, not only makes your home stand out from the competition but may lead to a higher sales price. Franklin Homes Realty LLC has the experience and knowledge to identify the key selling features getting you the price you deserve.


And now, we've made it even easier for sellers to learn what their Franklin TN home is worth. This isn't designed to take the place of sitting down with us to determine your home's actual listing price. It's a quick valuation. No more waiting to hear back from an agent to get that information. Instead, you receive an instant Property Valuation Report. Click the photo below to be taken to our instant property valuation tool.

Selling Your Franklin TN Home


Before the internet, most real estate agents relied upon yard signs, open houses, newspaper ads and flyer boxes to sell homes. The advent of the internet makes these forms of advertising obsolete. Technology has changed everything--especially the way buyers search for homes.

Selling Your Franklin TN HomeWe recently saw a listing that hosted an open house every weekend for six months. When the house finally sold, we contacted the listing agent to see if the open houses had produced a buyer. He told us it had NOT but he got an additional $1.5M in sales from buyers who had visited the open house. That was great news to the agent, not so much for the seller. That listing might have sold faster and for more money, if the agent had marketed the property online rather than hosting an open house every weekend.

Home sellers think all real estate agents are the same and we all use the same techniques to sell homes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly, many agents have failed to keep up with the times. They haven't mastered and embraced the technology. Additionally, many buyers are relocating here from other states. How can an agent get his listings in front of buyers without using the internet? How does an open house or newspaper ad attract a buyer from Illinois, California or New York searching for homes online?

Franklin Homes Realty LLC not only understands the importance of technology, it embraces it. When it comes to internet marketing in Franklin TN, they have become the local industry leaders. By using professional photography, home staging strategies and proactive internet marketing, their listings receive more exposure than agents who are using outdated marketing methods. Franklin Homes Realty LLC's listings are promoted 24/7 using online marketing. Our listings are syndicated to all the major websites as well as receive customized marketing through blogging and social media; putting your home in front of buyers locally, nationally and even, globally.

Our website attracts thousands of visitors a month. We have made it our goal to offer buyers the information they are looking for. We are able to do this by providing access to every single home for sale listed within the Middle Tennessee multiple listing service. Buyers are attracted to the website because of the many listings offered and stay for the local information only we provide. Additionally, 60% of the visitors to our website are returning buyers. This gives you, as a seller, the ultimate opportunity of exposure for your home.

Our website is user-friendly, making it even easier for buyers to find the homes they desire. Nothing frustrates a buyer more than not being able to find the homes they want. You won't find a more comprehensive Franklin TN neighborhood search than what we've provided here. We've maintained a local focus and highlight the neighborhoods found in Franklin TN homes for saleBrentwood TN homes for saleSpring Hill TN homes for sale and Thompsons Station TN homes for sale. Although, buyers can easily find every home in the Middle Tennessee multiple listing service, we have concentrated our efforts on being the local experts.


It would be our pleasure to sit down with you and discuss our marketing plan further. We do not have a one-size fits all approach to selling Franklin TN homes. Every property is different and appeals to a different buyer. We want to hone in on those differences to give your home its best opportunity of a sale. We have sold 100% of our listings over the last four years using this method.

The common principles we use in selling every single Franklin TN home we list are what we call the 4 P's to Selling Success:

  1. Price - We prepare a very thorough Competitive Market Analysis. We use information from the active listings, recent closed sales and even expired listings to determine the price that will get the greatest number of buyers through the door.
  2. Presentation - A growing number of buyers are looking for turnkey homes--homes that are move-in-ready. The best way to compete is to make sure your home is properly de-cluttered, cleaned, painted and staged. We work closely with sellers to assist them in preparing their home to compete with the many homes already on the market.
  3. Professional Photography - After we have priced a home properly and prepared it to be show ready, we have professional photographs taken. Ninety-two percent of buyers begin their home search on the Internet. You want to make sure your home stands out. One of the ways to do that is to provide clear, well-lit photos showcasing the features of your home. Our photographer takes approximately 60 - 70 photos. Then, we use the best photos in the MLS (multiple listing service). However, the MLS only allows 20 photographs so we also provide a virtual tour with all the photographs of your home and a single-property website with local information. Who is going to visit a home with dark, blurry photographs?
  4. Proactive Marketing - This is where we really set ourselves apart from the competition. We use a combination of internet marketing, single-property websites, blogging and social media to get your home the exposure it needs. The internet has become the first showing, professional photography and social media promotion is absolutely necessary to get buyers in the door.

When you have a combination of price, presentation, professional photography and proactive marketing, you will get showings. The more showings you get, the better chance you have of selling your Franklin TN home for top dollar.


Selling Your Franklin TN HomeNo Other Local Agents Can Offer Your Home More Exposure to Buyers. Nine out of ten buyers today are beginning their home search on the Internet. We have thousands of weekly visitors to our site. Your real estate team should be focusing on getting on-line buyers to see your home.

We don't just syndicate your listings to the various websites like other agents do, we have learned how to produce quality content through blogging to rank highly with the search engines. This content attracts thousands of visitors to our website each month, providing your listing with the exposure it deserves.

We have made it extremely easy for buyers to search by neighborhood, price and schools which means your listing won't be buried from the buyers view. All they have to do is click on these prospective pages and they will see your listing prominently displayed. No more searching through hundreds or thousands of homes to find your listing.

Have You Googled Your Neighborhood Lately? Search for 'Franklin TN Homes for Sale' or 'Franklin TN Real Estate' on Google, we show up before the other agents and more buyers visit us. This is extremely difficult to do. There are thousands of real estate agents in the Nashville area; all vying for the top spots on Google. Many of the highest ranking sites are what's known as portal sites such as ZTR (we don't even spell their entire name out). They are followed by the large national brokerage firms in the area. Our site is not a national brokerage site. We are a small independent brokerage. By constantly providing the search engines with new content on Franklin TN homes for sale, we have established our site as the local authority for many of the neighborhoods and cities in Williamson County.


Most real estate agents are accustom to marketing their listings to local buyers. With the advent of the Internet, we have the ability to market our listings to local, national and international buyers. More and more people are moving from other locations to Franklin. We have sold homes to buyers all over the country. Trust our ability to get your home seen by the greatest number of buyers; making your home selling experience easier and faster.