Written by Tammie White, Principal Broker/Owner of Franklin Homes Realty LLC

What Does It Mean to Aggressively Market My Franklin TN Home? Franklin Homes Realty LLCFranklin Homes Realty LLC is always doing internet research on ways to better serve our sellers to get their homes in front of buyers as quickly as possible. As we were doing just that, we found two YouTube videos on this particular subject both prepared by local Franklin real estate agents. We commend them both for taking the initiative to market homes online.

That being said, as these agents were showing proof of their internet marketing, they used the property address in their Google search. Then they proceeded to show how they ranked in the #1 spot for this address on Google. I should hope that's where they ranked. After all, it is their listing. However, one has to ask the question, "How often does a buyer Google the exact address of a property?".

There are two times this may occur:

1.  The buyer is driving by and is sitting in front of the house.
2.  Someone in the neighborhood gives the buyer the exact address of the home.

Why then are agents trying to promote their internet prowess by showing these videos where they are Googling the address? Is that really how buyers search the internet for a home? If not, what does it mean to aggressively market your Franklin TN home online?

Buyers aren't using the internet in the ways these agents suggested. The best way to get your home in front of as many buyers are possible is to use the same search terms buyers use. They aren't using the home address unless they are sitting in front of the house.

Instead, you'll see buyers Googling terms like Franklin TN starter homes priced under $300,000 or Franklin TN homes for sale zoned for Franklin High School or Franklin TN homes with two master bedroom suites.

For example, we used the term, Franklin TN Starter Homes Priced Under $300,000 last year to market one of our listings. Below is a photo of a screen shot we took back then using this search term, a phrase Franklin TN buyers actually use. As you can see, we ranked the first 7 out of 10 spots for this search term. Can you see why this form of marketing is so important?

What Does It Mean to Aggressively Market Your Franklin TN Home? Franklin Homes Realty LLC

If you had the ability to click on these links, they would take you to blog posts we wrote about our listing that was located at 3129 Winberry Drive in Franklin at the time. There are a variety of sources including a single-property website, another blogging venue we use at www.FranklinTNHomesforSaleOnline.net, an ActiveRain blog we use and then a market report that appeared on our website.

That's the type of aggressive internet marketing you want for your listing. You want agents who are using something other than your address to market your Franklin home online. After all, buyers are moving here from all over the country. How do you expect a buyer from California, Texas or Minnesota to find you? We can assure you they won't be Googling the address. 

We would be happy to discuss the ways we can get your house in front of the largest number of buyers in the least amount of time. Visit our website on selling your Franklin TN home and posts we've written on Sellers Tips for additional information.

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