By Tammie White

Franklin TN is in a hot seller's market. You're frustrated because you thought all your agent had to do was put a sign in the yard and you'd sell the first day. That didn't happen. You've been on the market for more than 30 days and you're beginning to wonder why your Franklin TN home isn't selling. It's likely that there's something wrong with your house or

the strategy that your agent is using to sell it. Either way, you need to correct the situation to get your home sold.

Here are several things you need to consider:

Your Online Listing is Horrible

Why Isn't My Franklin TN Home Selling?Not all real estate agents understand how to market your home online. Given our current market, some agents don't even think photographs are necessary. Let us assure you, photographs are an integral part of your online marketing. To insure your listing looks its very best, professional photography should be used. But internet marketing goes way beyond just having the best photographs. You want an agent who knows how to produce quality content to attract buyers from near and far. Social media and blogging have become a major component in the promotion of your home. If your agent doesn't write a real estate blog or use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you may want to contact a professional who does.

Your House is Caught in a Time Warp

We've seen some sellers try to pass off their homes as "retro". Unless your home has been carefully designed to be retro, it's just plain dated. A dated home can linger on the market for years. Laminate countertops, avocado appliances and oak cabinets are a thing of the past. Buyers today are looking for updates such as hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. If you've lived in your home for 30 years and the carpet and appliances are original, then it's time to make a change. Hire a home stager. She'll be able to give you tips on the things that need to be done to garner a quick sale. Bringing your home into the correct century will increase your home's value and decrease your time on the market.

Your Improvements Have Out-Paced the Neighborhood

When you renovated your house three years ago, you thought you'd be in it forever. You put the best of everything into it including a fancy French stove that cost you thousands of dollars. Now you have to sell. Unfortunately, your renovations have out-paced the other homes in your neighborhood and that's why you haven't received any offers. You may have to lower your asking price to get an offer. An updated home may be more attractive to buyers than the other homes in the neighborhood but if the price is too high, buyers will likely take a pass on it. Make sure your agent uses marketing that highlights your improvements to attract the right buyers to your home.

Your House Needs to Be De-cluttered and Cleaned

Why Isn't My Franklin TN Home Selling?It's difficult selling a house when you have children. However, everyone in the family needs to understand their role in the process. That includes the kids. Pack up most of the toys and games prior to listing your home. Hopefully, you'll be moving soon and you'll be ahead of the game. Do a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering. Make sure the beds are made and the kitchen is free from dirty dishes in the sink. Have a 15-minute quick pick-up check list to help you get out of the house quickly. Buyers love a clean and well-organized house. Don't give them a reason to pass on your home.

Your House is Over-Priced

While our housing market is strong, that doesn't mean you can ask whatever you want for your home and get it. Your agent should have prepared a Competitive Market Analysis prior to listing. He should continue to update you about the market during your listing time. Keep your price in-line with the other homes in your neighborhood. Pricing your home too high is one of the quickest ways to turn off potential buyers. The longer your house is on the market, the harder it will become to sell.

When you're ready to sell your Franklin TN home, hire the professionals who can get your home sold the first time. In the last four years, Tammie White has sold 100% of our listings. Call Franklin Homes Realty LLC today and we'll be happy to help you sell your home. You won't be asking, why isn't my Franklin TN home selling? 

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Tammie White is a REALTOR® and Principal Broker/Owner of Franklin Homes Realty LLC in Franklin TN. Tammie works with relocation buyers looking to purchase a home in Franklin and the surrounding Williamson County area. She understands the way buyers search for homes making her an invaluable asset to Franklin home sellers. Tammie's website,, has become the premiere search tool for buyers relocating to Franklin TN. She has been writing a real estate blog since 2009 and quoted in various publications including the LA Times,, The Tennessean and Williamson Source.